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From Mosaic of Life to better living conditions – presentation of event

On November 18th 2008 the Ljubljana Castle hosted a charity event MOSAIC OF LIFE, where Center INSPIRE, in collaboration with Oncology Institute Ljubljana and the City of Ljubljana, raised 11.400 Euros for the restoration of Ward C at Oncology Institute Ljubljana. Ward C is an old part of the Oncology Institute, where patients with lung cancer are living in very poor conditions.


At the Castle children from Ljubljana’s primary schools and Waldorf gymnasium were creating colourful mosaics having the theme “breathe life” in mind. Their mentors were painters Mateja Rojc and Simon Hudolin.

Simon Hudolin, mentor of young artists.

Young minds were full of ideas, which needed to be transformed into mosaic.

The technique is marvellous, but complicated at the same time – if the design is too precise, the artist will face quite a challenge.

Izbor barv, preizkušanje kombinacij - mozaik ali šah?

The choice of colours, testing of combinations – mosaic or chess?

Tjaša from primary school Jože Moškrič of course could not have known that her apple will be chosen at the auction by mayor of City of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković.

Mosaics were slowly taking their shape.

Media were also present - »Why did you participate at the workshop?« asked reporter from our national television station RTV Slovenija.

Press conference

Estates hall of Ljubljana Castle hosted a press conference, where Prof. Matjaž Zwitter (Head of group treating Lung Cancer at Oncology institute Ljubljana), Mrs. Milena Mramor (patient living with lung cancer) and Samo Pitamic (organizer of the event and head of Center NA VDIH) talked about lung cancer and the reasons for organizing this event.

Auction of mosaics and “Heart in a box”

The daylong exploration of creativeness in young artists resulted in the mosaics, which were now ready to be presented to invited guests and put on auction.

Sponsor of the event and the first buyer at the auction, mayor Zoran Janković, closely examined the exhibited pieces.

After the opening speech Mr. Janković offered 2.000 EUR for the „Apple“ mosaic, which will adorn the walls of his cabinet in the City hall after the exhibition ends.

Following was the speech of Mrs. Ana Žličar, acting manager of Oncology Institute, who expressed her wish to bring living conditions for all patients in their institute on the same level. Activities, like today’s event, will greatly contribute to achieving standards of the present time also in Ward C.

The event continued with Dr Viljem Kovač from Oncology Institute, who presented key elements of the disease, which has reached wide-ranging proportions.

Mrs. Milena Mramor emphasized the importance of early diagnosis of lung cancer and vividly described conditions at Ward C, for which the funds were being collected. This Ward has only 1 gentlemen’s and 1 ladies’ lavatory for 27 patients; rooms are so crammed with beds that a table and chairs, where a patient could decently eat his meal, does not fit in; rooms have no ventilation.

Before the auction a few words were spoken by the head of Center INSPIRE, Samo Pitamic, M.Sc., who stressed the importance of improving control over smoking and the need to develop methods for early diagnosis of lung cancer. The Center is striving for better education of the young population, which would bring best results on the long term, but at the same time for more effective state measures – especially considerable price increase for tobacco products and forming of fund, which would aim to improve treatment of diseases, which are a consequence of smoking.

The event continued with the auction, where 10 mosaics were sold at the opening bid of 1.000 Euros. Besides mayor Janković pharmaceutical companies Roche and Amgen were the most generous ones, buying the most mosaics.

The representatives of Roche, which was the general sponsor of the event, were photographed besides one of the purchased mosaics.

The successful auction was followed by a project from artist Jure Ivanušič called „Heart in a box“. Jure, accompanied by musicians in the group NorDunk, excellently interpreted chansons by Jacques Brel and presented a life story of the chanson king, whose creative path was prematurely stopped 30 years ago by lung cancer.


Center INSPIRE has decided to organize a charity event because of bad living conditions at the Ward C of the Oncology Institute, where patients with lung cancer are treated. Patients, but also doctors and other medical staff at our central oncology institute are namely in desperate need of better conditions.

The event was organized in November, which is the Lung Cancer Awareness month; in order remind individuals and society of the disease, which needs more attention.

Pupils from the following schools participated at the workshop:
• Primary school Jože Moškrič
• Primary school Vrhovci
• Primary school Trnovo
• Primary school Milan Šuštaršič
• Waldorf primary school Ljubljana
• Waldorf gymnasium Ljubljana